Bazsinsky House


Bazsinsky House & Olga Douglas Lewis - Gardens
1022 Monroe Street    Vicksburg, MS  39183-2552    (601) 634-8404    (601) 218-8201


Two conflicting stories; one a fifty-three page handwritten family history, the other a researched account of documented events, address the property from as early as 1840.  Both conclude that the majestic structure, built by Joseph Bazsinsky as a town house, remained a home for his large Jewish family through four generations until early in the twenty-first century.  As the family evolved, the house evolved and has become an excellent example of the architectural mysteries created by changing times, needs, and desires.

Rooms available by the night and space available for events.

Joseph Bazsinsky Town House and Olga Douglas Lewis Gardens are across from the old Courthouse Museum in downtown Vicksburg.

Tours are available daily.

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Golf Package:  Clear Creek Golf and Vicksburg Country Club.

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